Who Are We

About Us

KE0921 PCEA Kamiti Corner CDC is Compassion international assisted project based at PCEA Kamiti Corner Church next to Tatu City. It is a Non governmental organization that enables greater access to education for disadvantaged children, youth and their guardians. We cover 4 domains in our program namely;

  •  Spiritual
  •  Physical
  •  Social
  •  Cognitive

What Sponsored Beneficiaries Learn in the project

Project days at the center are generally held on Saturdays. During a typical project day, sponsored children will participate in activities such as

Children sing songs and learn bible stories.

Projects also offer extracurricular activities including an annual football competition, teen camps held during the holidays and talent days where children perform music, drama or poems. When they reach the age of 12, young people are involved in skills traning such as computer training, carpentry, motor vehicle repair, dressmaking, cooking, hairdressing, driving and lifeskills.

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